Water Reuse


Global water shortages, rising costs, and the increased importance of corporate environmental responsibility are all factors prompting plant management to investigate ways to reuse treated industrial wastewater, which can be a vast resource if reclaimed properly.

ADI Systems’ technologies can transform treated wastewater into a reliable alternative water source. Our aerobic and anaerobic membrane bioreactors (ADI-MBR and ADI-AnMBR) are a good starting point for water reuse projects because they can produce a very high-quality effluent. The treatment process results in extremely low nitrogen, phosphorus, BOD, and TSS concentrations. Our membrane bioreactors’ physical barrier ensures complete solids retention and process stability.

Benefits of Water Reuse

  • Diversify water supply sources to increase resilience and independence in the face of rising water prices, drought, and supply curtailment
  • Save on operational costs by getting more mileage out of process water
  • Minimize the volume of wastewater that needs to be sent to municipal treatment plants, thereby lowering operating costs
  • Reduce the amount of effluent that is discharged into local waterways, and the demands on freshwater sources
  • Be a good neighbor in areas of water stress or scarcity
  • Improve corporate reputation by becoming an environmental steward

Our technologies can help your facility reuse water in the following applications:

  • Makeup water in cooling towers and boilers
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Vehicle washing
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Landscaping and lawn maintenance
  • Urban reuse (air conditioning, toilet flushing, etc.)
  • Fire protection

To take advantage of water reuse in your plant:

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