The ADI-Hybrid reactor is an anaerobic digestion system sized to work at medium volumetric load conditions. It combines two processes and retains the benefits of each technology: upflow anaerobic sludge bed (UASB) and upflow fixed-film (UFF). The lower part of the reactor acts as a UASB, where a bed of anaerobic biomass digests the degradable wastewater organics. The upper portion of the reactor contains a cross-flow type media that provides an extensive surface area for the fixed-film bios to grow. The media also intercepts sludge bed and raw influent solids and returns the solids to the sludge bed via lamella-plate type clarification.   

For cases requiring very high removals, a two-stage reactor can be installed to achieve a higher quality effluent. This two-stage system consists of two equal-sized reactors that operate in series and periodically alternate lead and lag designations. This cyclic operation is effective at treating wastewater streams with high concentrations of soluble organics and low concentrations of solids.

The combination of proven technologies offered by the ADI-Hybrid provides many advantages to industrial wastewater treatment plants:

Cost Savings

  • Save on energy costs:
    • Low energy consumption design
    • Significantly less energy-intensive than aerobic systems
    • Recover energy from biogas to reduce plant’s fossil fuel usage
  • Eliminate wastewater surcharges
  • Reduce or eliminate chemical usage

Environmental Benefits

  • Continuously meet discharge requirements
  • Convert organic waste to recoverable green energy (heat and power)
  • Waste sludge suitable for land application as liquid fertilizer due to high nutrient content
  • Improve local and global water security

Process Advantages

  • Large biomass inventory and long solids retention time
    • Excellent process stability during peak loadings
  • Cross-flow media with large surface area for solids retention
    • Promotes biomass growth
    • Allows for high loading rates

Simplified Operation & Maintenance

  • Few equipment and moving parts results in low maintenance requirements
  • Minimal operator attention
  • Flexible sludge wasting program
  • Data trending for process control
  • Cover provides easy access for sampling and maintenance

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