The CH4 Generating Reactor (ADI-CGR®)* system is an in-ground low-rate anaerobic digestion process used predominantly for bioenergy production. Biogas comprised primarily of methane, a reusable energy source, is generated as a by-product of the anaerobic digestion process. The ADI-CGR® is ideal for applications such as organic food waste, waste streams high in starch, animal manure, and waste from palm oil mills, cassava plants, sugar refineries, and distilleries.

The reactor’s design facilitates efficient mixing between the anaerobic sludge and the feedstock and separates the hydraulic and solids residence times to enhance biogas production and solids breakdown. The large volume of the ADI-CGR® offers extended biomass contact and good process stability. The settlement zone is designed to collect sludge with a built-in recycling/wasting system that enables the sludge to be recycled to the distribution zone or wasted, when required.

The ADI-CGR® earns its name as a methane generating reactor while offering the following benefits:

Cost Savings

  • Save on sludge handling and disposal costs
  • Save on energy costs:
    • Low energy consumption design
    • Significantly less energy-intensive than aerobic systems
    • Energy recovery from biogas can reduce use of fossil fuels
  • Eliminate wastewater surcharges
  • Reduce or eliminate chemical usage

Environmental Benefits

  • Consistent effluent quality
  • Convert organic waste to recoverable green energy (heat and power)
  • Waste sludge suitable for land application as liquid fertilizer due to high nutrient content
  • Liquid effluent can be irrigated onto farm land as a nutrient supplement
  • Improve local and global water security

Process Advantages

  • Consistent performance and enhanced process stability due to extended biomass contact and long hydraulic retention time
  • Resilient against shock hydraulic and organic loadings
  • Built-in recycling/wasting system
  • Custom-designed geomembrane cover:
    • Collects valuable biogas
    • Provides insulation and odor control

Simplified Operation & Maintenance

  • Few equipment and moving parts results in low maintenance requirements
  • Minimal operator attention
  • Flexible sludge wasting program
  • Data trending for process control
  • Geomembrane  cover provides easy access for sampling and maintenance

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