The Sequencing Batch Reactor (ADI-SBR) is an activated sludge process where various treatment events occur in a single vessel. The process events are separated by time rather than space, making it easy for operators to add, lengthen, shorten, or alter the sequence of the different events to achieve a desired process modification. The technology is suited for all types of applications, and can be used as a stand-alone process or to polish anaerobic effluent. It pairs well with ADI-BVF® technology, as the level variation and flow equalization offered by the ADI-BVF® complements the batch operation of the ADI-SBR.

Different environments are created in the ADI-SBR by controlling process equipment such as aerators, mixers, pumps, and decanters during a specific timed cycle. By linking a programmable logic controller (PLC) to the system, the process is easily monitored and controlled on-site by plant personnel. The timing and sequencing of events in an ADI-SBR cycle depend on the influent wastewater characteristics and treatment objectives. The batch kinetics with adjustable process event times result in extra flexibility compared to conventional activated sludge systems.

The ADI-SBR provides your treatment plant with enhanced flexibility as well as other benefits:

Cost Savings

  • Eliminate wastewater surcharges
  • Reduce number of tanks required for wastewater treatment
    • Lower long-term maintenance costs
  • Reduce footprint requirements for wastewater treatment
    • External clarifier is not required


  • Produces high-quality effluent low in BOD, TSS, nitrogen, and phosphorus
    • Easily meets discharge requirements for publically-owned treatment works
    • Suitable for water reuse in certain applications, improves plant’s water security
  • Small footprint


  • Batch kinetics for removal of organics, solids, and nutrients
  • Time and sequence of process events can be easily adjusted
    • Extra process flexibility
    • Allows for nutrient removal
  • Cyclic feast-famine conditions produce a better settling sludge than continuous-flow conditions

Simplified Operation & Maintenance

  • Intuitive interface offers greater flexibility and control
  • Fewer equipment and mechanical parts, simplifying construction and maintenance
  • ADI Systems’ air seal decanter (ASD) mechanism has fewer mechanical parts and offers simpler construction and maintenance than most commercially available decanters

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