ADI Systems’ aerobic membrane bioreactor (ADI-MBR) is an activated sludge treatment system that improves treatment performance and consistency compared to conventional activated sludge systems by using a physical membrane barrier for liquid-solids separation instead of traditional gravity clarification. This technology complements ADI Systems’ anaerobic technologies by aerobically polishing anaerobically pretreated wastewater, and can also be used as a stand-alone process.

The ADI-MBR can treat wastewater from a wide variety of industries. The MBR system’s long solids retention time and physical membranes work together to provide more consistent removal of organics, ammonia, and nitrogen than conventional activated sludge systems. The BOD and TSS concentrations discharged from the process are negligible, and very low effluent phosphorus concentrations can also be reached.

The ADI-MBR system produces a very high-quality effluent that meets the strictest discharge limits and provides the following benefits:

Cost Savings

  • Eliminate wastewater surcharges
  • Reduce sludge handling and disposal costs
    • Low sludge yield
  • Save on chemical costs
    • Reduce nutrient requirements
    • Eliminate polymer usage
  • Reuse water in plant operations

Environmental Benefits

  • Can meet strict discharge limits for BOD, TSS, nitrogen, and phosphorus
  • Produces a very high-quality effluent
    • Suitable for water reuse, improves plant’s water security
    • Suitable for direct discharge
  • Small footprint

Process Advantages

  • Operates at high mixed liquor suspended solids concentrations (8,000 – 15,000 mg/l)
    • Long solids retention time
    • Increased stability against changes in influent characteristics
  • Membrane barrier ensures complete solids retention and process stability
  • Eliminates issues with gravity clarification
  • High hydraulic and organic peak capabilities

Simplified Operation & Maintenance

  • Superior membrane durability and performance with low maintenance:
    • Long lifetime
    • Simple, infrequent cleaning procedure
    • Membranes are cleaned in place
  • Low operator attention requirements
  • Reduces or eliminates disinfection
  • Data trending for process control

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