Organic Food Waste


A staggering amount of food produced in the developed world is wasted. When this happens, all the resources to grow, ship, and produce the food are also thrown away, magnifying the problem.

How can food processors and retailers save money while helping save the planet?   


Food scraps decay rapidly and produce a significant portion of landfills’ methane emissions, a greenhouse gas (GHG) more than 20 times more potent to the environment than carbon dioxide.

A strategy that diverts organic waste from landfills and converts it instead into green energy helps minimize these harmful emissions, creating value out of what would otherwise be wasted.

ADI Systems offers proven biological anaerobic solutions to help reduce waste volumes while producing green, renewable energy and reducing GHG emissions. Energy-rich organic food waste is perfect for anaerobic digestion, or co-digestion. Our technology converts the source separated organics into valuable biogas, which can be used to generate heat, power, or vehicle fuel.

Learn how we can help convert your organic food waste into green energy:

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