SK Chemicals Chooses ADI-Hybrid Technology to Serve Its Wastewater Treatment Needs

Location: Ulsan, South Korea • Sector: Chemical & Pharmaceutical

The South Korean city of Ulsan is home to SK Chemicals’ polyester production plant.   Polyester production generally results in the generation of a high-strength, complex, difficult-to-treat wastewater, and ADI Systems' high-rate anaerobic hybrid technology was chosen to tackle this demanding treatment task.

Sam Yang Co., Ltd., ADI’s Korean licensee, was engaged to design and build a single-stage ADI-Hybrid reactor to pretreat the wastewater from the Ulsan plant as part of the treatment facilities upgrade. After pretreatment, the wastewater is polished in an aerobic treatment system before being discharged to receiving waters.

Given the high-strength/low-solids wastewater and limited space available on-site, the ADI-Hybrid was the perfect choice for wastewater treatment. With a footprint of only 100 m2 (1076 ft2) and a reactive volume of 800 m3 (211,300 gal), this installation is compact and highly efficient. Typical reactor COD loadings are 9 kg/m3./d, with a hydraulic retention time of only 1.8 days.

With the help of ADI’s anaerobic hybrid technology, the owners and employees of SK Chemicals can rest assured that its ADI-Hybrid reactor is helping to keep the local environment clean.