Old Dutch Chooses ADI Systems to Design/Build Wastewater Treatment System

Location: Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada • Sector: Food & Beverage

The Client:
Old Dutch Snack Foods Ltd. produces a wide selection of potato and corn snack products. For six decades, the company has been using high-quality ingredients and production standards to make and deliver great-tasting snacks.

The company was founded in 1954 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and in 2006 Old Dutch acquired the Humpty Dumpty Snack Food Company in eastern Canada. This new cross-country presence allowed Old Dutch to distribute an assortment of snack foods from coast to coast. The long-lasting tradition of quality at Old Dutch has helped the brand grow to become a sought-after snack on store shelves all across Canada.

The Client’s Needs:
Old Dutch currently operates six manufacturing plants in Canada and the United States. Large volumes of potatoes and corn are used to produce snack foods at Old Dutch’s manufacturing facilities, which can make the resulting wastewater difficult to treat.

Old Dutch required a wastewater treatment solution that could keep up with production demands and adapt as the company continued to grow. The snack food company also needed its wastewater treatment system to produce a treated effluent that continuously complied with government regulations for direct discharge.

The Solution:
ADI Systems was selected by Old Dutch to design and build a membrane bioreactor (ADI-MBR) system at its plant in Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada. This increasingly popular activated sludge technology uses a submerged physical membrane barrier—instead of gravity clarification—to separate liquid and solid waste.

The MBR is designed to handle a flow of 800 m3/d (200,000 gpd), an average biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) concentration of 1,500 mg/l, and total suspended solids (TSS) of 500 mg/l, as well as ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) and total phosphorus (TP). The major components of the MBR system include an 1,100 m3 (300,000 gal) aeration tank, two membrane tanks with Kubota submerged membrane units, a sludge dewatering system, aeration blowers, pumps, and instrumentation and controls.

The Results:
The MBR provides a very high degree of wastewater treatment. Thanks to ADI Systems’ technology, Old Dutch can consistently meet strict effluent limits: BOD < 5 mg/l, TSS < 5 mg/l, NH3-N < 0.5 mg/l, and TP < 8 mg/l. Old Dutch’s treated wastewater is ultimately discharged into the Saint John River.