Lion Dairy & Drinks Installs ADI Systems’ Wastewater Treatment Technology

Location: Brisbane, Australia • Sector: Food & Beverage

Lion Dairy & Drinks Crestmead chose ADI Systems to design and commission a wastewater treatment system at its milk production facility in Brisbane, Australia.  The treatment system is required to produce effluent of a suitable quality to be discharged to the municipal sewer. It is comprised of a 5,500 m³ (1.45 MG) patented* above-ground anaerobic ADI-BVF® reactor, followed by a twin 600 m³ (158,500 gal) sequencing batch reactor system (SBR) for aerobic polishing.

The BVF® reactor is designed to anaerobically pretreat the process wastewater and digest the majority of the raw wastewater chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and total suspended solids (TSS). An energy-rich biogas is produced, along with a small amount of waste biomass (sludge). The anaerobic effluent is fed into two SBRs, which operate in parallel to further reduce the BOD and TSS concentrations prior to final discharge.

The design characteristics of the wastewater treated in the anaerobic reactor are summarized below. The COD and BOD removed through the treatment plant both exceed 90 percent.

Parameter Combined Raw Influent
COD (mg/l) 9,000
BOD (mg/l) 6,000
TSS (mg/l) 2,800
pH 4-12

The anaerobic reactor is covered with a floating geomembrane cover, which collects biogas produced during the anaerobic process and prevents the release of odor. The biogas is used in a plant boiler to generate process heat for the factory. Excess biogas is burned in a waste gas flare.

The BVF® reactor is a low-rate anaerobic digestion technology that is a simple, efficient, low-maintenance method of treating dairy wastewater.  The system also provides satisfactory performance at lower than optimal temperatures (35°C, 95°F).  Treatment is reliable, robust, and during commissioning, proved to be resilient against shock hydraulic and organic loadings.

Client Testimonial: "Congratulations to ADI Systems on a job well done.  Thank you for making this a great success and one of the best projects I have been involved with." - Mike Kinder, Project Manager, Lion.

*Australia Patent No. 667,184; US Patent Nos. 5,505,848; 5,587,080; Canada Patent No. 2,096,852