R&D, Laboratory, and Pilot Services

Research and Development

ADI Systems continually researches and develops technologies for industrial wastewater treatment. Our in-house R&D center has state-of-the-art equipment and testing capabilities. We conduct a wide range of wastewater testing from basic characterization to bench- and pilot-scale experimentation. Samples are commonly shipped to our laboratory from around the world.

Our services also include respirometry testing, which provides information regarding the degradability of a wastewater sample when treated by anaerobic and aerobic processes. This testing provides information relating to the expected COD removal performance, biomass yield, and biogas production potential. Our respirometry equipment is also commonly used to test for toxicity potential from wastewater, as well as to measure the activity of biomass.

Pilot Studies

ADI Systems maintains a set of pilot/demonstration skid units for all of our technologies, which can be deployed all over the world. On-site pilot studies provide information relating to wastewater treatment performance and removal efficiencies. They also confirm the design basis for a full-scale installation of an on-site wastewater treatment solution.

Pilot studies performed by ADI Systems are tailored to our customers' needs. Our process specialists assist with set-up and commissioning of the pilot system and provide detailed operating instructions. During the pilot study, we remain in close contact to offer advice and assist with troubleshooting. A comprehensive report is provided at the conclusion of the pilot study.

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