ADI-BVF® reactor


The ADI-BVF® reactor is an anaerobic digestion system that offers very stable, robust wastewater treatment and biogas generation under a wide range of operating conditions. ADI Systems is the inventor and exclusive provider of this patented* technology, which has been installed in 135 full-scale applications around the world. Our experience with low-rate anaerobic digestion is unmatched in the wastewater treatment industry.

The ADI-BVF® reactor treats wastewater streams with moderate to high concentrations of organics (COD/BOD), suspended solids, and fat, oil, and grease (FOG), typically without the need for primary treatment. The technology can be configured as an in-ground earthen basin or an above-ground tank based on space availability. It is sized to work at low volumetric loading rate conditions, and designed to handle variations in wastewater flows and characteristics and maximize biogas production. This makes the ADI-BVF® reactor an ideal choice for treating wastewater from a variety of industries.

The ADI-BVF® reactor can serve as the workhorse for your wastewater treatment plant and offer the following benefits:

Cost Savings

  • Minimize sludge handling and disposal costs
  • Save on energy costs:
    • Low energy consumption design
    • Significantly less energy-intensive than aerobic systems
    • Energy recovery from biogas can reduce use of fossil fuels
  • Eliminate wastewater surcharges
  • Reduce or eliminate chemical usage

Environmental Benefits

  • Continuously meet discharge requirements
    • Consistent effluent quality
  • Convert organic waste to recoverable green energy (heat and power)
  • Waste sludge suitable for land application as liquid fertilizer (high nutrient content)
  • Improve local and global water security

Process Advantages

  • Stability during peak flows and loads
  • No up-front solids and FOG removal required
  • Operates at a wide temperature range
  • Offers ability to store waste sludge
  • Custom-designed geomembrane cover:
    • Collects valuable biogas
    • Provides insulation and odor control

Simplified Operation & Maintenance

  • Minimal equipment and moving parts results in low maintenance requirements
  • Requires less operator attention
  • Flexible sludge wasting program
  • Data trending for process control
  • Geomembrane cover provides easy access for sampling and maintenance

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*Protected by one or more patents. For patent information, contact us.